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Thursday, June 12, 2008

What Crowd? The IT Crowd.

So, I' been fumbling between the TV remote and my textbooks during the exams and I happened to bump into a really nice sitcom called "The IT Crowd", IT pronounced as the same old 'it'. It is set in London at Reynholm Industries, and is about 3 Bristish office workers, Roy, Moss and Jen who work in the IT department of the firm.

Roy and Moss are the computer geniuses and are potrayed as the 'geeky' socially inept types while Jen who is a new recruit knows nothing about computers.

The IT department is at the basement of the building and is, absurdly, in a bad shape, while the rest of the company enjoy magnificent views of the city. The jokes at first might feel a bit weird but they get funnier and its very interesting if you are the 'tech' type.

They deal with problems like stress, fire and spiders with rather absurd consequences.

It airs every Thursday at 8.15 PM Nepali time on Star World.



sudin said...

Nice info......

Saral Shrestha said...

Hey, thanks. Enjoy the show. :D