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Saturday, August 30, 2008

A long slumber; The Morning to Jomsom

I think I over slept. Had some hold ups - Back aches, muscle sprain, chest hair...oh, that's not really appropriate.

So, I wake the next morning, still a little deluded from the 4 hr micro-bus ride to Pokhara but I was quite happy that my flight to Jomsom had been delayed by an hour; one more hour of sleep. But I did have to wake up early though and 6 AM is not my time, at all.

I had packed my bags, had all my gears set up and was ready to go. I headed for the Airport.

I had just arrived in Pokhara the day before but every time I came here, I would be greeted with the splendor for Mt. Machhapuchre (Fish Tail), however, this time it was different. Rainy season was just at the brink for saying good-bye; it wasn't raining or sunny, just cloudy and gloomy.

Delays are normal in Nepal. Everything is delayed, exept for maybe an epidemic after natural disasters but other things are, like examination results, flights, goverment formation, me becoming a millionare, etc. But tell you this, delays for a Jomsom flight usually means trouble en route to Jomsom (bad weather, a flock of Lophophorous, anything) or trouble at the Airport (a herd of cattle and the dung they leave behind).

So, I arrived at the Airport, all set for the 8 AM flight to the Valley behind the mountains. But like everything, I'm kept waiting. A little 'getting to know fellow passengers' and I find out that the first flight to Jomsom (5.20AM!) hadn't flown. Even worse, all filghts of the day before had been canceled.

After 4 hrs in the Airport Departures lounge (hardly a lounge, more like a public hall) with the disgrace full restrooms, we had enough. So we set for back home. Sucks to say good bye, Au revoir to all and come back after few hours.

You might have heard how windy Jomsom is and maybe that song "Jomsomey Bazaar ma", Nepathya, go check them out; so turns out that we can't fly there after 12PM, because its so windy that it would blow away our miss Nepals, the skiny ones, sideways! (people who have studied physics will know that its immposible, aerodynamics and all. Boring.)

Now we had a new challege at hand, a plan B, what if the plane doesn't fly the next day too? Time was tight and we had to be back in Pokhara by 20th of August (had to attend a protest rally next day for the Janatantrik, Loktanrik, Ganatantrik, Wooga-booga Group). So, we had the map with us and we came up with plan B, Annapurna Base Camp a.k.a ABC! Now, I had already been to ABC before, but it was ages ago, when I maybe 13 and had less hair on my body...but I wanted to go to ABC more than Jomsom-Muktinath.

So with still half a day left with us, we set out for a practice trek; around Pokhara...

Next time:- Photos with captions and the trip to Fewa Power House.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Trek to the Valley Within Mountains and Back

After a long hiatus your beloved blogger is back again. And he has loads of stuff to write on!

You might perhaps be wondering where I had been, that too without saying good bye, um hm, cheesy.

Anyways, I was off to Pokhara to go on a Jomsom-Muktinath trek but, plan B, and I end up in the valley between mountains; Annapurna Base Camp (ABC).

It was all an exciting journey and I have so much to share.

In the follow course of days, 8 days to be exact, I'll be posting my findings and experiences along with heaps of photos.

I tell you, it was one heck of a trek.

Tonight I sleep; have to wake up early in the morning to catch a flight for Jomsom. ;)