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Monday, March 9, 2009

'Andolan' for Shorter Pregnancy

by Atulya

I read an article of the “Telegraph” and was captivated by some of the simple points it presented.

In some ways, nothing has changed in Nepal. A big party has come in and an institution gone but nothing has really changed (for the good). We still have “Bandhs”, mountains of garbage in our streets, long queues in petrol pumps, autocratic leaders who lock respectable officers in their toilets and stubborn “heads” who still fight the 4 year-old “me-me” game to retain power. Is this the New Nepal our so-called-leaders had drilled into our brains right after Jana-Andola II? Or is it the same old (or even older) Nepal?

I waited. I thought. I thought that “they” would start their new-Nepal-building activities right away but there were no signs. Instead their focus was on the “much-needed” Constituent Assembly all along. I patiently waited for the Constituent Assembly and thought that things will start happening after it. I wonder how many centuries they will take to build “the new” Nepal they are always talking about.

One difference, one change that is conspicuous in this Loktantra era is the people’s approach in doing things. Andolan, a word that we hear every minute (more than we see Rishi Dhamala on TV). Let’s not go into the nitty-gritty about the thousands of Andolans taking place at the moment. Just wanted to let everyone know that the ladies are soon coming to the streets demanding a shortened pregnancy period of 5 months!

The article ended with a line which was simple yet so striking: The more things change in Nepal, the more it remains the same.”

True. Very true, isn’t it?

Andolan: A Nepali word for a form of protest which is usually accompanied by rallies and forced closure of services by agitating groups.

Photo: [Saral] Trying my best squeeze out something good from this country. A beautiful scenery from the foothills of Annapurna Nepal.