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Saturday, June 21, 2008

1. Sōjirō: Reminiscence from the past

Based on a character from the anime, Samurai X: Romantic tales from the Meiji era

Chapter I

He was a small boy, a normal boy who liked to eat sweets and play with his toys. But he couldn't eat sweets and he didn't have any toys. This boy, instead of growing up, worked all day long for his meal.

It was a cloudy day when Sōjirō turned eleven. It was really unfortunate that it had started to rain on the day of his birth. He had just finished carrying the last barrel of rice into the store house when a monstrous thunder cracked the dark clouds, bombarding the rice fields of Osaka with rain. Yet, Sōjirō smiled:Five years ago on this day, his mother was alive.

The cold rain fell gently on his rough little hands. He felt the piercing pain as the water passed through his engraved palms; but it was okay. Instead of breaking down like a petulant child he smiled as the rain mercilessly gobbled him up.
"Thank you Ma, for giving me such a refreshing gift. I just wish you were here, with me, dancing in the rain."
Sōjirō's thoughts were invaded by a loud unstable voice."Sōjirō! OYE Sōjirō! I thought i told you to bring me some more sake!"
“I’m coming, s-sir! p-please wait, I’m on my way!”
Sōjirō dashed over with a bottle of sake only to be treated as always.
“You little runt. After all we’ve done for you, looked after you even after your mother died, you still dare to delay your work?”
Sōjirō, dressed in his half torn-half patched up kimono, looked up at his step-brother and stretched a skinny smile.
“I’m s-sorry brother, I didn’t mean to…”
The sound of the rain drowned the cracking sound of timber hitting bones. It was as though even the rain was punishing Sōjirō but no one would scream or cry on that awful, very unfortunate night.

To be Continued...

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