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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Rage against the fuel-less machines

Its fascinating that only a few decades ago a "first four wheeled beast" rolled into Nepal. And here we are, after only a few decades later, queuing up in endless fuel lines. Blame the sinking-sunk NOC, Indians or Man-Bear-Pig but when the shit hits the fan its us common peasants who have to suffer. Of course His Maje- I mean Ex-King Gyanendra's probably never even seen a candle in his life or worried about filling his jaguar up. Well one things for sure, he's not going to cram his flabby buttock in a pathetic old shack like Nirmal Niwas. So why don't we forget the Shah dynasty ever existed and move on about our crappy lives, shall we?

A Kathmanduite female calls her boyfriend up:
"Hey sweetie, what are you doing today?"
"Lets see...ill drop by the office at around 10:00 am and head straight to Sajha Petrol Pump. After that we'll go for dinner at 8:00pm.

Yes, humble citizens of Nepal, this is our daily routine. Even insane young boys have quickly caught up to this new trend of queuing up in line for fuel: They race each other to the petrol pump and if they run out of fuel before they reach the pump, they'll resort to running, pushing. dragging their bikes. Last one has to kiss Sugarika K.C.

I know what you are thinking, let the NOC burn in hell. The NOC does this, the NOC does that. They cant help it if prices are blasting skywards! Tell me, would you rather wait 6 hours in line and pay 80 rupees per liter or would you prefer to hand over 100.5 bucks a liter and zoom in and out of the pump? Seems like we prefer to wait in lines and complain than solve our basic problems. Its the Nepali way, that it is.

The most fascinating thing is that the pumps are infested with so called "mileage wala" bikes such as XCD's and splendors while fuel guzzlers like Pulsar 200's fly around impervious of the fuel crisis. I even saw this dude rocket through the Hariharbhawan straight on an XR 400cc bike.

In reality, if problems like these never existed then Nepalis wouldn't have an excuse to drink carelessly, smoke weed and gossip. Until the next episode, I beg all our petrol hungry riders to go easy on the throttle 'cause life's like a fake Zippo lighter: some days it glows, some days it wont. Keep flicking it and never lose hope.

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Saral Shrestha said...

Hilarious post. Oh Sugarika K.C won't get a kiss from me, thats for sure. I'm working out right now.

Priyanka said...

i totally agree... its okay to buy petrol for 200 in the black market, wait in those long line and complain... but when we can have it easy, thats not good enough either..