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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ex-King of Nepal Leaves Palace

In a press meet at the Narayanhiti Palace today, the former King of Nepal, Gyanendra Shah, delivered a speech about the monarchy in Nepal, his family and his 7 year as head of state. The press meet which was held at the Kaski Hall, the hall right after entering the main door, was over crowded by the press, both national and international.

The former King could be hardly heard among the 200 or so journalist in the room; the room was noisy and the media-men could literally be seen fighting among themselves for a better view and coverage of the Ex-King's speech.
The main things he mentioned was the Palace Massacre 7 years ago, his personal property and about his ancestors. The Ex-King stated in front of the 'rowdy' media men that his family had nothing to do with the Massacre and he was hurt that people blamed him for having a hand in it.
Also, he added that he didn't have any property or money abroad and that he would stay in Nepal.
The Media was allowed in the palace for the first time and many TV station covered the speech live.
As I mentioned earlier, the Ex-King's mother and grandmother are staying in the palace for now.

Photo:- KTV

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