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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

iPhone 3G

Apple unveiled its next version of the iPhone, or the iPhone 3G yesterday. Amid chaotic re-enlightenment of the internet after a nearly 4 month's exam fever, I did happen to stumble upon the Apple WWDC 2008 event and by pure luck, the event had just begun, so I did a quick search for live feeds and the guys at were just there to fulfill the need for live info for all the apple junkies or just any tech enthusiast with a live audio broadcast. How lovely.
In addition, I could catch the things I missed at the live text feeds at, although it lagged excruciatingly later. also had live blogging and huge pics which immensely alleviated the craving.

However, I am quite disappointed with the new iPhone. Hey, GPS and 3G is heaven, no doubt but it actually the same old phone...! Few changes in the look, more sexier with the glossy backs and metal buttons. But, no front facing camera i.e. no video conferencing (one of the main feature of 3G or 3G handsets) no MMS, still no copy/paste (i mean come on!), still no video recording, basically the same old phone. And it is the only phone to beat the iPhone but not by a bang as it was supoosed to. (Check the iPhone 3G ad at

I don't see the urgency to upgrade right now.

If you don't own the 'apple that can make calls' right now, I say get the new phone i.e if u are living in the 70 countries that apple plans to get the 3G rolling. India being the closest to me. No 3G iPhone for me yet...

Well this, which should have been the first thing I mentioned, is the most exciting 'thing' about the iPhone 3G; its just $200. Half the price of the old iPhone!

$199 for 8 GB only in black
$299 for 16 GB also available in white.

A huge change in the marketing strategy of Apple, make the iPhone affordable to almost everyone. Although, it does come with a catch, since the phone is subsidized, apple and most carriers might adopt the policy of 'compulsory activation at the store' (AT&T already implementing this scheme). This would mean that a two-year contract will come with the new iPhone, even if you don't want it unlike the home activation which was allowed for the old iPhones. Definitely an attempt to stop unlocking.

It'll be rolling out on July 11 in 22 countries and later for the rest of the 70 countries.


Jash Sayani said...

Any ideas, when is it Coming to India ?

Saral Shrestha said...

Hey, I don't know when exactly but it'll surely roll out sometime there this year. I'm also eagerly waiting for its release in India.