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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Ex-King leaves Narayanhiti Palace, Now to live in Nargarjung Palace

Nepal's politics is very intriguing and dramatic. From the struggle of power among the then ruling Shah to the Rana Regime, the overthrowing of the Rana Regime, Multi party Democracy, one Party Democracy, Democracy, Absolute Monarchy and 'finally' a Republic; However, its not yet sure if this is 'it' and the change in ruling systems is over.

Leaving the drama apart, the focus today remains on the Ex-King Gyanendra. As for now, the king is formally moving out of the Naryanhiti Palace. In a press meet today at the Palace, which now is to be turned to a museum, he'll make it official.

Apart the joy of being a republic, which is yet to be evaluated and justified in terms of what really changes, the Nepalese people can finally get inside the palace and see for themselves what a modern day Nepali Palace looks like. I think this is, for now, what excites everyone.

This is the bit that just doesn't fit in. The Ex-Royals, Gyanendra's mother Ranta and grandmother Sarala will, however, still live inside the palace grounds. So much for a republic. And it doesn't end there, the Ex-King will be living, 'for the meanwhile', at the Nagarjung Palace, one of the Palaces owned by the former Monarchs. It just doesn't make sense. To let the Ex-King live on government property and that too with security is a direct attack on the the mandate given by the Nepali people. There is no need to be so nice.

The people's mass moventment in 2006 ended the King's absolute rule and paved a way for a new Constitution. In the constituent elections, the former Maoist Rebel secured the most seats and they along with other political parties decided that the King should be removed. As a result Nepal was declared a Federal Republic by the first meeting of the Constituent assembly on 28 May, 2008.


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