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Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Nepalese Conspiracy

A break from staying in line for a few liters of petrol and the protests or price hikes and travel discounts; we have found a new agenda to Andolan on, whether our newly elected vice president is Indian or Nepali. It has brought a stir in Nepali politics and in all those who are truly Nepali; what if this whole 'taking oath in Hindi (Indian language)' is a conspiracy?

I watch a lot of movies, and spend heaps of time on T.V, and its quite fascinating how so much of the material (mainly suspense and cop movies/programs) is based on conspiracy theories. And I thought that this was only an American thing; the whole CIA, Undercover Cops, deep Undercover Cops, who shot J.F Kennedy, blah blah. But to my utter surprise, we have given birth to a whole new conspiracy. Is India our Final Destination? (Not exactly relevant but I'm somehow reminded of that movie.)

While the 'uff politics' might not enjoy reading this or might have already left, let me tell you something, politics is something very intriguing; some call it a dirty game some live and die on it, but most important, its everywhere - business, government, schools, football, your underpants. Everywhere.

There is no escape.

But mostly interestingly, politics is filled with conspiracies and this is what makes it exciting. You never know who is backstabbing, might be a member of your team, a friend, one never knows. Is Bush and Osama best friends? You are never certain.

While 'will India take over Nepal' has been a conspiracy since long, the recent oath of the Vice President Parmanada Jha in Hindi has heightened the theory. Its a clear truth that India has a certain interest in Nepal. But I think its not to 'take over'. Its just not possible to take over a country, not at this present age. Its a shame Tibet fell short of this age.

Another fact or suggestion that the Nepali conspiracy theorists are putting forward is that India is pressuring Nepal by cutting short the supply of fuel, to show that it can put life to a halt in Nepal. Its true that if we go to war with India...we'll all starve to death.

But to all those in petrol lines right now, vehicles with 'Red Number Plates' (Private Ones), get a life. You won't die if you don't get petrol. Cycle. Its healthy. Leave the fuel to Ambulances and Public Transport.

Talking about war. There a rumor that the Ex-King's forces are preparing for a fake war with the Indian, attacking the boarder areas. It is speculated that after the attacks, India will take over Nepal, having a valid reason.

There's another conspiracy for our readers.

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