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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Sea of Garbage; Who Swims in it?

If you live Kathmandu, a little garbage here and there isn't really much of a big deal. I mean just a few weeks back they were just tiny puddles, just the right shapes and sizes to hop over. Oh how sweet were those days...

BUT now its a whole different story, that same old puddles have swelled, doubled, tripled a million times and now they have turned into huge seas!

The only problem now is that you can't swim on it or row your boat. You can fish, oh yes! But I must say, the water is really dirty...

I was watching the news some time back and even a developed city like Naples had such seas...some similarity (Girija can promise us Italy now rather than Switzerland. The pizza there is yummy.)

God! Seriously, how could you promise us Switzerland? Old people can't come up with excuses.

Above is a picture I took today, the biggest I have seen yet, location: Jamal. Reports say that the one from Basundhara to Maharajgunj is turning into an Ocean! I have to check it out. Or if anyone of you have seen it, do let us know.

Possible things to do:
1. Close everything except your eyes (wear glasses) and run.
2. Fish with a fishing rod. I think I saw a can of tuna. I couldn't really tell if it was empty.
3. Camp near it, wait for someone to clean it up.

Prime locations:
1. Jamal
2. Basundhara to Maharajgunj
3. Places every 50 meters. Trust me.


Ishan said...

haha....nice...i guess the biggest one i saw is in patan..i tell u,its huge!!!!!!!!!!

Aditi said...

Hehe, nice funny post there.
Ajhai testai padna paun.

Shraman said...

Man, if all the oceans and seas were Kathmandu style then the human race would be obliterated, extinct, annihilated. Aliens would smell the stench from a galaxy away. :)