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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Serial Killers and Girls; what's up?

This might take you back a bit.

I don't know if you have heard about him and even if you haven't, this is important.

Charles Sobraj a.k.a 'The Serpent" a.k.a "The Bikini Killer", who is a notorious serial killer known for his skills at deception and evasion, has been charged of at least 12 murders across South East Asia. He had been jailed in India and after completing his sentence, came to Nepal. He was caught by the Nepali Police in 2003 and now is in jail.

But, just a week from now, there will be a Supreme Court hearing about the Sobraj's case where it is expected that he will be freed due to lack of evidence.

WTH! Is this due to the imcompetent law of Nepal?

Its amazing, cases of land dispute in Nepal carry on for generations, but it has just been 5 years now and the guy who is 'for sure' a serial killer is to be freed?

But thats just not it. Apparently Charles Sobraj has a lover. That too a 20-year old Nepali/Bengali girl, Nihita Bishwas, who in my opinion is out-of-her-mind! The killer couples are planning to get married in France after Sobraj's release.

I say that its just a media magic played by Charles, that old (64 years) smart ass, to make the Nepalese people sympathize with him.

Falling in love with a serial killer isn't, in any condition, justified.

This reminds me of my article on Weddings (Read here); well, apparently (some) girls get attracted to serial killers. So, if you are that lonely chap, go kill some. But make sure you don't kill humans; Kill cows, they used to be counted as humans in Nepal.

One more thing and I hate to say this, for your safety, girls especially, who I care about not, I repeat, do not wear a bikini.

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Atulya Pandey said...

hahaha..atti babaaaaal
cow hunting bholi jaanchu..ahile ali raati bhai sakyo