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Thursday, July 10, 2008

iPhone 3G is here; World's First Owners' Line

Well folks its finally here, the iPhone 3G will go on sale in New Zealand approximately 2 hours from now, 00.01 AM New Zealand time, when the Americans will be fast asleep. People have already lined up, some for 50 hours, in front on the Vodafone store in Auckland; A salute to them all.

More news, the much awaited, Apple's own Installer, the AppStore is live. The new iTunes 7.7 which is specifically designed for the iPhone 3G and the iPhone 2.0 software is also available for download.

Get iTunes here.

First in line?
"Name: Jonny Gladwell, 22 (pictured above, first)
Current phone: Sony Ericsson K800i on Voda
Waiting for: more than 48 hours now
Buying: black 8GB
Motivation: to be the first, duh! His girlfriend is just in it to keep him company, she's not actually getting one herself. Jonny tells us he's not going to eBay the world's first iPhone 3G, though."
via Engadget

Know the first ten people here.

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