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Thursday, February 12, 2009

Dire-Hoea-ya; its not Hereditary

Picture:- Kenny from South park; A comedy series centered around 4 eight-year old boys - Eric Cartman, Kyle Broflovski, Stan Marsh and Kenny McCormick - the show is known for its pop-culture parodies, satirical interpretation of current affairs and rude humor.

I was born with a defect. Whenever I have a combo of Mo-mos (dumplings) + Coke + Ice Cream, hell breaks 'loose'. Now, now this is not something no, but its important; This, widespread condition I have often is the primary cause of infant mortality in the developing world.

Its amazing how this condition immobilizes you, well, sort of; at instances you'll be running and the worst part is that; its reoccurring. And this diseases is not hereditary. Well, unless it runs through your jeans. (Think)

But it should not be taken lightly. If not treated, as in excessive intake of 'Jiwan Jal' (oral re-hydration salt; guess where I learned it from), it could be fatal and can take your life. And the treatment is simple too; unless you have 'The' Dire-hoea-ya and all you can do is fly frequently, you might need a doctor.

Causes of diarrhea;-
1) A little something called micro-organisms. These tiny suckers have enough destructive power to bring down a elephant. Trust me they are absolute bombs.
2) Allergies to food. Often termed as IBS or irritable bowl syndrome. Think spicy Indian food.
3) Alcohol. Oh yes, excessive intake of alcohol can lead to diarrhea. Mind trying?
4) Various other causes, depending on the circumstances.

Simple hand washing before eating and after poo-poo can prevent 60% of the infections. Thats right 60. Don't ask me about which soap is the best, Detol or Lux; just frigging wash your hands.
Don't drink alcohol.

The cure is basically making up the lost fluids by drinking water and keeping the body hydrated. The oral re-hydration salts have minerals and can keep your energy up.
In severe cases, or if you have that meeting, damn; Loperamide (Imodium) and Bismuth Subsalicylate (aka Metanidazol and Tinidazol) can hold it up.
Natural cures can include black tea and curd. Avoid fatty and creamy products.

Frequent Flying sucks.

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