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Friday, January 30, 2009

Wedding Season's Over; Hangovers Remain


What? Wedding, now? I know I'm a bit slow; now that the season for couples saying 'I do' or just the plain old Nepali style of waking up the whole neighborhood with the band playing off tune Indian chum chum is, for now, gone. But some sneaky folks do manage to somehow squeeze in a few here and there. Word of advice, stick to the season.

Weddings are big headache for the people living in cities like Kathmandu, not the wedding planner, no no, but the poor neighbor who gets left out (me) and has to bear the worst combo of Jazz and Cheer-leading 'instruments', not music, all night long, at full volume; no ear plug can stop it. Or even the pedestrian walking on the road or any Honda XR rider; I mean, ramps and barrels are easy-peasy but getting through hoards of wedding goers, band clad in "Bright Red" clothing playing 'don't know what music' and vehicles decorated with 50 different types of flowers, is a tough business.

But, wait, if you do plan to attend one, forget all the things I've said above. Opportunity lies ahead, girls and boys alike. Because you might just get lucky, i.e if you are single and need that special one or even if you already have that special one, you can just play around, can't you? Up to you, totally. Single or not, I'll tell you how.

Weddings have that engrossing vibe to it; of people coming together, getting paired up, and something else I rather not discuss. If you need an expert's advice and happen to ask me the best place to meet women...? I would say weddings. No question.

So why this aroma? Well, imagine this, you are attending a function where two people are getting together, your mind immediately takes in that information, your eyes sees the couple - sends in more information, your body produces chemicals that rush to your brain, Potential Energy (P.E) changes to Kinetic Energy (K.E) and the next thing you want to say is "I love you". Its like Physics class; the moment you step in, you begin to yawn. Err...maybe not so perfect example. But you get the point.

More, weddings are not just about "Jack and Jill sitting on a tree/ KISSING/ First comes love/then come Marriage/..." its also about families getting together, new relationships. <- This is what we are talking about folks. Meeting new people, girls to meet boys and boys to meet girls. This combined with the vibe talked about earlier, makes it perfect for hunting.

So, next time you are out there, all by your own, pick up your rifle, aim and shoot. Or if you are ambitious, just blow away a few with a shotgun. How does that sound?

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