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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Load-shedding Solution 1:- Filament vs. CFL Bulbs

A quick comparison between traditional Incandescent (Filament) Bulbs and the energy efficient Compact Florescent Lamp (CFL) Bulbs.

Incandescent (Filament) Bulbs
Average Life Span: - 1,200 Hours
Average Cost:- Rs. 50
Energy Used:- 60 Watt
Brightness:- Decent (Depends on Watts)

CFL Bulbs
Average Life Span:- 8,000 Hours
Average Cost:- Rs. 250
Energy Used:- 13-15 Watt
Brightness:- 5 times more Brighter than Filament Bulbs

Incandescent:- 1
CFL: - 3

We can clearly see the benefits of using energy saving CFL bulbs instead of filament lamps or even tube lights (average energy consumption of tube lights is 40 Watts).

If the government is to distribute 5 million CFL bulbs by providing discounts or exchange offers, we can reduce the energy demand of Nepal by 200MW.

Currently the electricity demand stands at 804MW while the production is only 324MW and with 16hours/day power cuts, I think its high time 'we' start doing something rather than waiting for the government and putting all the blame on people other than ourselves.


1 comment:

Saral Shrestha said...

There are also LED bulbs that are more efficient than both Filament and CFL bulbs. I'll dig deeper into that later.