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Friday, February 27, 2009

Bandhs: A New and Improved Formula

[b-awN-dh] adj.;
Bandh, also a Nepali word meaning 'closed', is a form of protest. While often means the closing down of markets of a city for the day, there have been instances of the entire nation coming to a standstill.

by Shraman and Saral.

[shraman]There was a time when people were people, bygons were bygons and bandhs were bandhs. If one wanted to elongate study leaves and project deadlines, bandhs were the answer. When was the last time you stayed home, relaxed and watched a whole innings of test match cricket? And before you know it, those leisurely times are long gone (sadly).

If history serves me correctly, it was Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi who started this method of protesting 'non-violently'. The old man inspired and captured the hearts of millions of people worldwide: even the great John Lennon wore the same spectacles that Gandhi wore. The protesters in Nepal needed a tool to fight with and Gandhi gave it to them by his means of 'non-violent' protest.

But if all I've said is nearly true then why the hell is everyone doing nothing? Nepal is going down a deeper and darker path than before. The country that I so dearly love is being run by dish washers and porters! This humble and honest writer isn't blindly being discriminant. But any sane person would agree with me when I say that the keys to the country should be held by people who are at least well educated, don't you think so? With that said and done, the fact still remains that 's visiting rate has plummeted drastically. (You must be thinking, what? Is there a website like that? Oh, yes there is. And its updated daily.)

This crap ain't cool. [saral] Especially if you have that hot date (not the same people like here, they have a different problem) and now, the date is bandhed! Not exactly the right grammar but it makes the point. So, why even after the horrid torture and the 'wooga booga', adverse effects, of bandhs, do we need them today?

The answer is simple, we need to keep ourselves warm in the winter, and burning tires does it best...Nope, that's not it. At least not entirely. The correct answer would be fuel; Yes, petrol, diesel, petrol + kerosene, and every expensive 'accessory' that goes into our vehicles. A change it vital my fellow brothers and sisters, we need to change our life styles. No more, racing that, or going for long rides to the countryside. Save fuel save money, environment...

So, where does Bandhs come in all this mayhem, well let me do some maths;-

Nepal needs 126000 kiloliters, yes kiloliters, of petroleum products in a month! And the demand is rising.

So everyday, the demand in the market is 126000/30 = 4200 kilo liters everyday.

One day of bandh, we save 4200000 liters, 2 days 8400000 liters, 4 days of bandh? You do the math.

So bandh's not all, grumble grumble, uff uff, folks, a few here and there does help. Plus, think how we will be contributing to stop global warming...! Its a small effort but it is an effort.

Like always, you don't need to have the same views as I do, after all we are all different creatures. Now if we all had the same thoughts, the world would be peaceful, wouldn't it?


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