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Friday, July 8, 2011

Can We Trust The Bible?

Absolutely. With our very lives! But it's not as easy as that. In apologetics, you have to give reasons.

The Bible is the foundational document of the Christian faith: how do we know that Christ is the only way to God? Or that Jesus died and rose? Or that He is coming back? It's from the Bible. It holds the highest authority over us on earth and is, by the Protestant definition, inerrant, infallible word of God. But can we trust it? Let's be honest, if we stake our eternity on the Bible, which we do if we trust Christ, we need to be sure that it's telling the truth! If the Bible is truly God's word, then we should read it, obey it, love it, cherish it and fully trust it. If the Bible is truly God's word, then to reject it is to reject God. So, what are the reasons for trusting the Bible?

I list four evidences: two internal and two external
The unity of the Bible
Hundreds of detailed prophecies
Details historical events
Abundance of archaeological evidence and manuscripts

The full article can be found in the July issue of ReIgnite. Check them out on Facebook.

Photo "Bajey Reading his Bible" by Neeraj Gautam

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