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Monday, August 24, 2009

A Life Lived for Others

This blogger dude is starting college from tomorrow. Check out my first assignment :)

"To live for others – that is my aim in life. It would be selfish to just exist for yourself; be a part of society and not do all-that-you-can to make society better. I think to be born as a human being entails a greater responsibility - help those who are less fortunate , love them. The most beautiful part about living for others is that you can do it even if you are someone like Bill Gates or just a mere employee of an unheard of company; just the desire needs to pour out from the heart.

Of course I cannot fulfill my goals in life if I don’t have a healthy body to do it. First, I want to remain physically fit, as long as I can. Having a history of sporadic sessions of exercise, an unbalanced diet and illnesses at regular intervals of about a month, remaining healthy is a challenge for me. However, its not impossible; healthy and clean diet and regular exercise of 30 minutes every day should put me on the right track. In addition to physical fitness, I want to develop virtues that define me; Benjamin Franklin’s 13 virtues will be a model for me. Further, to have a family – a loving wife, beautiful children, grandchildren and if time permits, great-grandchildren – would be another of my life time goal. However, to fulfill this goal, I think it would be wise to stay single for the 4 years of my undergraduate study.

Academics also play a vital role in achieving my goals; without a good education and career I would be able to do little to society. It might come as a surprise to many pursuing a management degree, but I don’t aim to become a successful businessman or an entrepreneur; to tell the truth, I need to use a spell checker just to get the word ‘entrepreneur’ correct. The most important thing is that I need to enjoy my work and the salary I get or my fame doesn’t play a vital role. Of course this doesn’t mean that I’ll not perform at my best. My academic and professional life will be one of hard work and commitment.

I don’t want to be remembered as a rich individual who gave to society out of his abundance but as an individual who gave to others even in his insufficiency. This is what my faith teaches me and this is what I’ll aim to do. Being of a Christian faith, most of what I believe or aim in life comes from what the bible teaches me. Ultimately, after I retire from my job, I want to get into ministry or work for my faith and church. However, for now I want to continue what I am doing at church and outside church and seize every new opportunity to serve society.

While my aims and goals in life are certain, the details might vary. I might choose to exercise 45 minutes everyday or date a beautiful girl in my 4th year of bachelors or
prepare a list of my own 14 virtues, borrowing some from Benjamin Franklin’s of course, but what I want to achieve in life will remain the same; live humbly and serve others."

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