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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A View From my Window

It has been nearly 15 days since my last post! I remember when the blogging 'Josh' was strong, I used to have around 2 posts everyday but now, it should either be the P.M's visit to India or the wave article that I've been working on that’s been keeping me from popping a post out.

Anyways, I was just back from watching a Nepali movie (Sano Sansar); after ages! But I have to say that I'm quite disappointed. While the actress was really gorgeous...,I must say, there was something not right about the movie. Plus later I came to know that its a copy of a Korean movie, the little appreciation that I had was gone. (Second disappointment after Kagbeni). And what's so special about Himalayan Java..? There are numerous places in Kathmandu that are par with Java.

But its a bit funny watching a Nepali Movie, and its not the dialogues and language; the movies based in Kathmandu like Sano Sansar, you see people and places that you know. I was mostly blurting out the names of the places and the people than concentrating in what’s happening in the movie.

Its a second major release of a Nepali movie (by Quest Entertainment, the people who shoot in "international aspect ratios") and I must say that they have done a pretty solid job. So they do deserve a round of applause even though the movie bored me till I fell asleep. If the improving trend continues, who knows, maybe I'll appear in a Nepali movie. Although, its Hollywood for me, yet.

But, the movie isn't the topic here. I was returning back home after the movie, in a great hurry, so that the rain wouldn't catch me (I can't afford a Car, yet). I reach home and I'm presented with this wonderful scenery (No, no. Not girls). The sun was still about 4 hours from setting and it began to rain. My favorite kind of weather. And please don't call me romantic even though I sound like one, its just that I appreciate nature.

I was quick on the camera; although, I could shoot in 7 mega pixels, I click a few with my phone. The quality is decent.

Its a view from my window. Something you get if you live far from the city...

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